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Standing Figure Series

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The Standing Figure series has evolved over the past decade. It continues to develop along with more recent figure groups. These proud but frayed figures make efforts to convince us of their strengths, attempting to deny a more pervasive presence. It is unclear whether the figures are torn apart from without, are corroded from within, or are simply in a stage of transition, growing beyond and shedding an older shell.

Torso I

Gesture and subtle movement through the static figure underly the expressive content of these works. Well-defined and sensuous surfaces present themselves only to be torn, abruptly ending in broken voids. Determined figures contend with forces working to deny and destroy their viability. The condition of the inner person eventually overwhelms the public presentation.

Some figures are interact as groups. The artist's focus is moving from the condition of the individual to the nature of the ralationships among individuals, considering the changes in character experienced and presented. Tension within each individual begins to influence and even dictate relationships with and among others.

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