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Form Series

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Form Series

This series evolved from an earlier series of small partial figures, which included Torso I. The partial figures developed from earlier disk-like forms which were simple explorations of shape, texture and surface. The partial figures emphasized the torso, hips and abdomen - forms which offer broad surfaces and shapes often reminiscent of disks. The Form series subdues and sometimes abandons figurative references, but retains figural qualities throughout their organic surfaces. Gradually figurative references dissolved as broken masses and torn surfaces took on their own identity. These characteristics led to the Standing Figure series, though the Form series continues to be explored.

Form Group - II, III, & IV

Standing alone, each form is an unkown but strangely familiar organism. When collected into groups, the forms appear as fragments of a larger whole - like shards of broken pottery or debris from an archeological dig.

These pieces were originally executed in plaster. They will be cast in white resin so as to maintain much of their original character while adding a competing softness due to the transluscence of the resin. Several eventual castings may incorporate color as well.

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